Role a Knowledge(Ancient History) check to learn about Bëor.

Father of Adanedhel and leader of the assault on Nargothrond during the Dagor Aglareb, Bëor is credited with the First Act of the Cillaquendi.

Bëor and his men laid siege to Nargothrond for three months before Tinúviel came forth and offered an olive branch.

Bëor, smitten by the beauty of Tinúviel, fell instantly in love with her and denied the olive branch in favor of her company for one day. Having been charged with making peace with Bëor and his men, Tinúviel had no choice but to accept.

In that day Tinúviel sang and danced before Bëor and he was utterly enchanted. He went to his knees before her and begged that she allow him to remain in her presence forever.

Tinúviel, her heart moved by Bëor’s romance, agreed. She wove a spell around him to disguise him as an elf and led him into Nargothrond where Bëor dwelt with Tinúviel undiscovered until his final day.

On the day Tinúviel gave birth to their son Adanedhel, Bëor’s elven disguise spell was discovered and he was led to the headsman to be executed. Against Bëor’s wishes, however, Tinúviel took the punishment upon herself, and Bëor was exiled.

Bëor returned to his homeland of Korra and is preparing another, grander assault on the Blood Oaks to seek revenge. His preparations have taken him 23 years, but he is finally ready to attack…


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