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The Cillaquendi, or ‘Great Humblings’, (literally translated as ‘humblings of the elves’), are the events that lead to the reformation of the leadership of Nargothrond and the elves’ acceptance of man as equals.

The three Acts of the Cillaquendi are:

  • Sacrifice of Tinúviel: Tinúviel, a princess of Nargothrond, gave her life to protect her beloved Bëor. Many elves were astonished that an elf would do such a thing for a man, and many repented of their hatred of men.
  • Teachings of Adanedhel: Adanedhel revealed to the elves the foolishness of their rejection of man by sharing with them a vision of the thriving of Nargothrond after opening their gates to the friendship of humans.


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