Half-Elf Hunter


Born the son of an elven Princess and human Captain Bëor, Adanedhel was poorly treated and denied many of the rights of elvenkind.

When he came into manhood, he learned the truth about his mother’s sacrifice and his father’s banishment and he was ashamed.

The Blood Oak King, however, was aging, and his days were near an end. Adanedhel was his only true heir, yet the old King did not intend on giving the throne to a half-elf.

Adanedhel begged his grandfather for a chance to prove himself. The King told him to bring him the head of a dragon and he would name him his heir. So that is what Adanedhel did.

Now Adanedhel is the first half-elf leader of the Blood Oaks, and the first leader to treat humans as anything other than bitter enemies.

What he doesn’t know, is that is banished father is about to return with a vast army to wipe out the Blood Oak elves…


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